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Wine Growing Philosophy

Our vineyard is farmed organically and biodynamically and certified by NASAA. We want our wines to be completely reflective of the Barossa Valley, so we look for the most authentic and pure expression of our site.  To make wine that truly communicates its place you have to prize soil health and eradicate all synthetic chemicals.

In some regions it’s hard to make the change to organic viticulture because of the weather, but the Barossa has a warm, dry climate and our site is particularly windy, so the transition has been very successful. We farm grapes in a way that is harmonious with our surroundings and in a way that will leave the soils and the ecosystems in a healthier state than when we found them. 

From there our approach to turning these grapes into wine is based on identifying, picking and vinifying separately a wide range of micro-terroirs. Working with terroir specialist Pedro Parra, and winemaker Alberto Antonini, we were able to map the Old Quarter and Spice Garden areas of the vineyard to reveal very specific parcels of vines that are unique in their geologies. These areas, some as small as 0.3ha in size, we call Polygons. 

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