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Wine Cellar

Our team is full of wine nerds, cork dorks and amateur geologists, so we decided to funnel all this passion into a short cellar list, featuring wines from Alkina, as well as Alejandro Bulgheroni Family Vineyards and other rare bottlings from Champagne, Burgundy, Barolo, Priorat and beyond. This is available to all guests who stay in the Old Quarter Homestead and Cottage, as well as visitors during events and lunches.

The list isn’t exhaustive or dogmatic, but it does champion wines that speak of their place, or terroir. In so doing, they will be farmed sensitively and without synthetic chemicals in the vineyard. They are also nursed into bottle by our friends, heroes and the true pioneers of terroir wines all around the world.

All these growers practise organic and/or biodynamic farming and where we know they are certified you’ll see (O/B) indicated. Those representing Alejandro Bulgheroni Family Vineyards are designated (ABFV). 

See the current list here.

Please order what you would like before or on arrival, or from the Tasting Room during opening hours.

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