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The Polygons

There are three polygons that have, since the very early days, looked like they could stand apart as Single Polygon wines. Polygon 3 is 0.274 hectares (ha) and approximately 200 vines. Its soil profile is shallow red brown earth over deep chalky, sedimentary limestone which contains fractured schist and limited iron. Polygon 5 comprises two similar parcels of 0.12ha and 0.25ha, a total of 0.37ha. These Polygon 5 sections have deeper soils and well fractured schist with ferric clay (within the fractures).

Polygon 1 was defined in Pedro’s second visit in 2018. The block is 0.4ha which Pedro divided into separate areas and recommended that we exclude one section of 0.097ha which lacks the fractured schist of the other sections.


Wild, layered Grenache made in tiny quantities from a schist dominant site.

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